Who Are We Looking For?

ACP aim to attract people who have the ability to work in a professional manner, focused environment with exceptional relationship skills and who have the ability to recognise their own limitations. If you are considering a change of employer, would like flexible working hours, looking for permanent, seasonal or temporary employment then we would be interested in talking with you.

Job Roles

    • Registered Nurses
    • Healthcare Assistant
    • Support Worker
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Chefs
    • Domestic/Laundry
    • Kitchen Assistants

It takes special people to make others feel special and to help them be at their best

Candidates who apply for roles with Alliance Care Professionals are assured of our commitment to sourcing the right role for the discerning individual who is planning a successful career path in Healthcare. Every person who chooses a career in health is vocational and plays an important role in our community.
Candidates are encouraged to lodge their CV with ACP and to communicate on a regular basis of their individual requirements. We develop trust and integrity ensuring strength and growth in our relationship with our candidates.
It is important that candidates are placed in the right environment for flexibility, career growth and professional development. Location is an important factor and is considered as a motivational influence when sourcing a future role therefore we try to book candidates considering travel.