One question that often pops up is whether to connect the living, dining, and kitchen areas. There are pros and cons that you need to consider before making the decision.


Pros of a Connected Space


  1. 1. Increased functionality: When you merge your living, dining, and kitchen areas, you create an expansive space that can serve multiple purposes. You can easily entertain guests without them feeling excluded or isolated in a separate room.
  2. Good drainage: If your living space is enclosed and there are no obstructions, the flow would be good and the family members can easily access each room.
  3. 3. Plenty of natural light: Now that you have designed your home vertically, natural light can easily reach all corners of the space, making it bigger and brighter
  4. 4. More socializing: The biggest advantage of open living is lots of socializing. With all areas connected, you can now easily socialize with your family and guests while cooking, watching TV, or eating. It’s great for parties, family gatherings, or just spending time with loved ones.


Cons of the overlap area


  1. 1. Noise: Now that the entire house is connected, there’s no soundproofing through the space. This means that cooking noise, TV sounds, and conversation can all combine to create a cacophony of noise that can be distracting and stressful. . .. This can be overwhelming and make it difficult to relax in your own home.
  2. 2. Increased heating/cooling costs: Because the space is now connected, you have a harder time controlling the temperature in individual rooms, making it harder to manage the heating and cooling system.
  3. 3. Less storage: Open storage typically has less overall storage, as there are fewer walls and cabinets to include.

In conclusion, an open concept can make your home look and feel bigger, provide more space for entertaining, and enhance family time. But it also has downsides, including noise, lack of privacy, and higher heating/cooling costs. Ultimately, the decision to combine your living, dining, and dining areas depends on your lifestyle, family, and how you use your space.

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